How to reward your cat?


While we often talk about reward in dogs, it is much rarer to bring up this subject when it comes to cats. However, it can also have its positive effect on our felines. Here’s how to reward your cat for positive behavior and at the same time strengthen your relationship with your pet.

Unlike dogs, cats are not particularly keen on making their owners happy, which makes it difficult to “educate” them. On the other hand, they can completely obey them … if they see any interest in it. So your role is to find the trick, the trick that will be interesting enough to your cat to respond to a command. Here’s how to reward your cat for doing something right!

How to reward your cat?
How to reward your cat? With treats and games

In most cats, nothing is more important than food. So arm yourself with a treat, and you will see how persuasive you will suddenly become. If you are wondering how to reward your cat, you should start by buying him tasty treats, and don’t hesitate to try several until you find the ones that your pet prefers.

For kittens, the reward can take the form of games. A feathered rod or other toy can be a great source of joy for them – as well as for very playful adult cats. Play is also an alternative reward for overweight cats, who shouldn’t overdo good things …

How to reward your cat?
The reward, in a concrete situation

Now that you know how to reward your cat, the next question is when to do it. Of course, the opportunity has to be right. You shouldn’t spend your days giving your cat treats. On the other hand, when he does a good deed, you can reward him for congratulating him. This encourages him to reproduce this behavior.

For example, if your cat has climbed on the table to steal food and you want to get him off, you can divert his attention to something interesting rather than punishing or scaring him (negative reinforcement ). Then show him another source of motivation, a game or a treat, in order to gently make him understand what you want from him.

Likewise, when your cat lets herself be brushed or brings you a toy, you can definitely reward her with a treat or a pat. Don’t hesitate to use a soft voice: your cat is sensitive to it!

How to reward your cat?
What about the cat’s punishment?

In the event that your cat does something stupid or does not obey you, punishment is not a solution. You can try to scare her with a water spray or by making a noise, but it may damage your relationship.

It is therefore better to focus on positive reinforcement and reward your cat when he behaves you like, as much as possible. If you are having trouble with your cat, you can finally seek advice from a veterinarian or consult a feline behaviorist.

To improve your bond, don’t hesitate to take a look at all of our tips to make your cat happy!

This is only the beginning, and we are still a long way from finding all the cognitive games for cats that we find for dogs. They are a bit small to play with the dog’s fun-boards. Even autonomous robots, which have been a big fashion in recent years, have forgotten about cats, yet a robot mouse would be very successful for all of our indoor cats.

The fact remains that it is possible to DIY accessories yourself, with a little imagination, patience and elbow grease:

Keep in mind that the cat is very ritualistic in its games. Once he finds his toy, he can keep it for a while, but there is a big risk that he will refuse half of the games and toys you offer him, or even more, simply because he is not interested in it. not !

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