10 tips and tricks to entertain your cat

It is true that cats are quite lonely and value their independence, but they quickly get bored. He needs to be entertained and a little fun. Sharing these happy moments with your cat will not be a chore. On the contrary, you will be glad he pays attention to you! Here are 10 tips and tricks to entertain your furball.


 1. A cardboard box
 2. A game of hide and seek
 3. The pianist cat
 4. The paper balls
 5. The light beam
 6. At the end of the rope
 7. Personalized furniture
 8. Bouncing balls
 9. scratch your cat
 10. Kindly annoy her

A cardboard box

Surely you have a shoebox lying around in your closet. Know that a simple cardboard box can keep your cat entertained for hours. Put it in the box and it will quickly start to nibble or scratch the edges. Add a toy inside, it will spin around in circles for a while.

A game of hide and seek

The cat is very playful and quickly intrigued by unusual things. Hide behind a piece of furniture and slowly show your face to it, then quickly hide again. He will be intrigued by it and will come closer and closer to you.

The pianist cat

Give your cat a small children’s piano and let him walk on it. The musical notes will delight your cat and he will have fun composing (pretty) melodies for you with his paws. Be careful, some cats are frightened by these sounds.

The paper balls

Again nothing can amuse your cat. Make a ball out of newspaper and toss it across the room. The cat will run after trying hard to hold it between its paws!

The light beam

A classic technique: arm yourself with a laser or a flashlight and spin the light beam. The cat will desperately try to catch it, it will stretch its paws! However, be careful not to direct the beam into his eyes!
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At the end of the rope

Cats love anything that hangs and moves. Hang a bell or feather from the end of a rope and waddle it overhead!

Personalized furniture

In the same style as the rope, make a personalized piece of furniture for your cat, like a cat tree. Hang on it things that move, that make noise and that intrigue.

Bouncing balls

Throw the bouncing balls around your room (preferably large) and watch your cat run around trying to catch them. It also works with non-bouncing balls.

scratch your cat

Tickle your cat, slow or fast petting depending on the mood of the affected person. Tickle his reflexes!

Kindly annoy her

Have fun bothering him amicably with your hands. Like tigers, cats like to “fight” to play. You will have as much fun as him!

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